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I am grateful for the videos that the authors of Project Everlasing shared.

If you missed watching them, you can watch it here:

Law Of Attraction: Project Everlasting

Project Everlasting: What’s Missing In Today’s Marriages

Project Everlasting: The secret To Staying In Love For A Lifetime

Project Everlasting: How To Create A Fulfilling Marriage

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I do and learn something from it =)

Stay tuned to this blog.

Project Everlasting: How To Create A Fulfilling Marriage?

Project Everlasting: The Secret To Staying In Love For A Lifetime

Project Everlasting: What’s Missing In Today’s Marriage?


Law Of Attraction: Project Everlasting

Recently I set an intention to want to find out how to improve interpersonal relationships…

And I was googling, reading up on articles and then I found this video…

Project Everlasting

2 bachelors on a journey to discover the secrets to successful marriages…

You know what hit me?….


Modelling success and not reinventing the wheel…

And of course the insights from the interviews were inspirations to keep and to put in pratice…

I hope you learn something from the video, I did =) Enjoy!

Outsourcing Sites

Continuing from the previous post…

Here is a quick short post to share 2 of the sites that I have been using:

There are many more outsourcing sites in the market!

All you need to do is to google, “outsoucing sites” and there will be a galore for you to choose.

As with outsourcing sites that you can outsource your projects or your needs to, should you have a skill or service that you can offer, you can sign up with these sites and in return offer your services =)

As you can see above, with a screenshot I took on Fiverr, those are some fun stuff that you can offer.

Like what I did previously…

Article writing

Planning someone’s trip to Singapore

Sending a birthday card from Singapore

These may sound absurd to you, but people actually purchase these!

That’s about it for now, I certainly hoped that this entry has been useful to you. Till the next post, have an awesome day ahead! Life is for experiencing!

Doing What You Are Good At & Outsource Everything Else

Just a quick post that I would like to share…

It brings me back to 2006 when I just started my venture into the online marketing world…

I wanted to do EVERYTHING on my own, I thought by doing that I will save money, which actually I did but with the sacrifice of TIME.

And TIME is the commodity that cannot be purchased!

I was doing a mini spring cleaning on my laptop, and reminisce the times when I pain stakingly designed banners, which you can still see some on this blog or the previous one at

They are not exactly pretty or appealing, but they did work in small ways in getting clicks on them, but the major disadvantage was I lost alot alot of time.

Take for example the header of this blog:

Honestly I do not have the expertise of coming up with such banner…

OUTSOURCE! It came to my rescue…

This literally changed the way I do things, now I focus on what I am good at and whenever feasible, will outsource the aspects that I am not good at or that is time consuming.

I hoped that you have learned something from this post, and perhaps in the next post I will share some avenues where I outsource my task to.

Till then, have an awesome day ahead!

Reflection: 10th October 2012

Looking back to ONE YEAR AGO…

How time flies!

And I am glad that I made the decision to give Nursing one more shot on 10/10/2011 and I am grateful for the mentors and institution for giving me the opportunity to come back to contribute my services.

Here are some nauggets of lessons that I have learned from this year:


Giving up within the initial few months did cross my mind, it was tempting to slipped back into the comfort zone. But nonetheless with a decision made and a committment to the people who gave me the opportunity, I decided to bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to stick to my goal, that is the ONE YEAR MARK in Nursing.


I cannot emphasize how important this is but being laser focus to hitting the one year mark was ingrained in my mind. It reminded me of the high beam activity that I participated in whereby you need to walk across a narrow plank that it about 5 meters long across and about 2 storeys in height.

The memory of the experience was vivid. I remembered how my legs froze and shaked involuntarily with each ant step that I took, but right across the beam was the goal board that I wanted so badly. One step at the time, with the goal always in focus helped. It motivated me that with each tiny steps that you take, by taking action and keep moving forward, somehow, your will reach the destination that you set your mind at.

3. Seek Counsel And Follow Your Heart

I always believed in role modelling and learning from people who have been where you want to be at. I am grateful that I did. By seeking counsel and following your heart, you will feel align and it will assist you in your journey and that was how I felt.

On a side note, each success story or each role model have their own ways of doing things, some of which you may or may not agree, and that is why you have a mind on your own. For me personally if it is all fair play and values are being respected, that’s good and once a decision is made will model the thoughts and actions.


To sum up, I am really grateful for the opportunity to comeback to serve, and to learn alongside the wings of experienced seniors and fellow “comrades”, and am ever grateful for the honour of having made good buddies in tow along the way.

Thank you! You know who you are =)

10th October 2012 => Officially ONE Year In Nursing

Something To Share With You =)