Rumblings For The New Year 2013! =)

Happy New Year Folks!


right now I am in the spring cleaning mode…

they say you declutter your space…you have a clearer mind…

I shall put that theory to test =)


For now, I just want to say that I am extremely grateful for 2012 =)

especially so for the travellings that I have had the opportunity to experience…


vietnam ho chi min- with siying, meiling and mum (who is wayyy cooler then her!) just kidding buddy!

malaysia JB, Golden Palm Tree Resort, Penang

– with family, mc tan, clare

thailand bkk

– with clare

australia gold coast

– with mama, big aunt and bro jc


highlights 2012 =)

– ONE YEAR mark in nursing (hmm…this is kinda huge for me)

– Dog owner (to Josh the shih tzu)

– and also checked off majority items on list from various aspects of life!


Gona head back to pack my stuffs…



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