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Being part of the healthcare team, I could relate to the agony of heavy patient

load such that it becomes such a routine that sometimes we forgot they are

patients with feelings.

I believe that we can never truly know or feel how our patients feel until we too

become a patient ourselves, of course we do not wish upon that on ourselves, we

should still touch based with our moral compass.

I have a soft spot for relatives who grieves, especially those of coroner’s case because

my dad was a coroner’s case.

And I am ever grateful for the team of nurses back then in 2006, who allowed me to do

the last office with them, even though it is extremely painful emotionally, a procedure that

is routine on your own loved one.

Coming back, I am grateful for this video, even though I do not know Dr. Richard Teo personally,

I am grateful for his sharings and in his last days step up to share and touch as many lives as he could.

To read more about Dr. Richard Teo’s life story: RichardTeo.com

Cherish your buddies, your partner, your family I say…

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