11 More Months To Go In 2013!…

Hi there =) Thank you for popping by this JY Chia “Blog Of Truths”

1 month has since passed and I am grateful for it =)

What are the highlights for you in January 2013?….

I wrote a quick reflection….and it was first featured on facebook

What are the highlights for you this January 2013?….I encourage you to reflect too…

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It Is The 31st January 2013! ONE Month Of The NEW YEAR Has Passed…

What Are The Highlights For You This Month?….

I Sat Down & Reflected & Am Grateful For This List…

(I figured that days will lead into weeks and weeks into months and before we know it a year will go by…let’s celebrate milestones along the way…)

1. Wisdom Tooth x 4 Extraction! => First EVER operation under general anaesthesia….hmmm the jitters were there nontheless and I am grateful for the awesome team at ktph dental surgery who eased the anxiety and facilitated a successful op…

and now I get to stare at my wisdom tooth x 4! =) PLUS I’m eating as per normal already! Winkz!!

2. Josh got neutered! => Looking after a post-op puppy is very different from human patients….

hmmm…actually on hindsight pretty much the same!!….

anyway he is a happy dog without the cone in his way!…

3. USS Outing With The Farm => Awesome company and conquering fear together! =) Absolutely love the barn! Ching Wan Law Sharvena Ubi Dorothy Woo

4. Weddings Fiesta! Congrates To Sui Hui Tay Shen Hui & Wing Mei once again!…Celebrating love! =) Cheers!

5. Meet Up With The Man….Hmmm…Feels like I am fighting for a cause =) Am grateful that action plans are penned out…

6. Offer for further education…Am grateful for the opportunity to bridge and further hone my skills and knowledge…

7. Attending Internet Empire Mastery => Grateful for the support from Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin plus awesome team mates!….

8. Celebrating Mum’s Birthday! With siblings!

9. Improving relationships…(“,)

10. Meeting the wise

11. Back to reading fervently and loving it! => Somehow reading inspires me alot…=)

Looking through this list…puts a smile on my face =) ….sure there are stressful times and down times…as long as we push forth and move forward…

somehow things gets better!….and I encourage you to do this list…for yourself…

CNY IS COMING!! (looking forward to the festivities ahead and more importantly catching up with buddies and relatives!!…+ my favourite steamboat and yu sheng!)…


Hang around =) Will be back to share more!

Reflection: 10th October 2012

Looking back to ONE YEAR AGO…

How time flies!

And I am glad that I made the decision to give Nursing one more shot on 10/10/2011 and I am grateful for the mentors and institution for giving me the opportunity to come back to contribute my services.

Here are some nauggets of lessons that I have learned from this year:


Giving up within the initial few months did cross my mind, it was tempting to slipped back into the comfort zone. But nonetheless with a decision made and a committment to the people who gave me the opportunity, I decided to bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to stick to my goal, that is the ONE YEAR MARK in Nursing.


I cannot emphasize how important this is but being laser focus to hitting the one year mark was ingrained in my mind. It reminded me of the high beam activity that I participated in whereby you need to walk across a narrow plank that it about 5 meters long across and about 2 storeys in height.

The memory of the experience was vivid. I remembered how my legs froze and shaked involuntarily with each ant step that I took, but right across the beam was the goal board that I wanted so badly. One step at the time, with the goal always in focus helped. It motivated me that with each tiny steps that you take, by taking action and keep moving forward, somehow, your will reach the destination that you set your mind at.

3. Seek Counsel And Follow Your Heart

I always believed in role modelling and learning from people who have been where you want to be at. I am grateful that I did. By seeking counsel and following your heart, you will feel align and it will assist you in your journey and that was how I felt.

On a side note, each success story or each role model have their own ways of doing things, some of which you may or may not agree, and that is why you have a mind on your own. For me personally if it is all fair play and values are being respected, that’s good and once a decision is made will model the thoughts and actions.


To sum up, I am really grateful for the opportunity to comeback to serve, and to learn alongside the wings of experienced seniors and fellow “comrades”, and am ever grateful for the honour of having made good buddies in tow along the way.

Thank you! You know who you are =)

10th October 2012 => Officially ONE Year In Nursing