11 More Months To Go In 2013!…

Hi there =) Thank you for popping by this JY Chia “Blog Of Truths”

1 month has since passed and I am grateful for it =)

What are the highlights for you in January 2013?….

I wrote a quick reflection….and it was first featured on facebook

What are the highlights for you this January 2013?….I encourage you to reflect too…

JY Chia

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It Is The 31st January 2013! ONE Month Of The NEW YEAR Has Passed…

What Are The Highlights For You This Month?….

I Sat Down & Reflected & Am Grateful For This List…

(I figured that days will lead into weeks and weeks into months and before we know it a year will go by…let’s celebrate milestones along the way…)

1. Wisdom Tooth x 4 Extraction! => First EVER operation under general anaesthesia….hmmm the jitters were there nontheless and I am grateful for the awesome team at ktph dental surgery who eased the anxiety and facilitated a successful op…

and now I get to stare at my wisdom tooth x 4! =) PLUS I’m eating as per normal already! Winkz!!

2. Josh got neutered! => Looking after a post-op puppy is very different from human patients….

hmmm…actually on hindsight pretty much the same!!….

anyway he is a happy dog without the cone in his way!…

3. USS Outing With The Farm => Awesome company and conquering fear together! =) Absolutely love the barn! Ching Wan Law Sharvena Ubi Dorothy Woo

4. Weddings Fiesta! Congrates To Sui Hui Tay Shen Hui & Wing Mei once again!…Celebrating love! =) Cheers!

5. Meet Up With The Man….Hmmm…Feels like I am fighting for a cause =) Am grateful that action plans are penned out…

6. Offer for further education…Am grateful for the opportunity to bridge and further hone my skills and knowledge…

7. Attending Internet Empire Mastery => Grateful for the support from Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin plus awesome team mates!….

8. Celebrating Mum’s Birthday! With siblings!

9. Improving relationships…(“,)

10. Meeting the wise

11. Back to reading fervently and loving it! => Somehow reading inspires me alot…=)

Looking through this list…puts a smile on my face =) ….sure there are stressful times and down times…as long as we push forth and move forward…

somehow things gets better!….and I encourage you to do this list…for yourself…

CNY IS COMING!! (looking forward to the festivities ahead and more importantly catching up with buddies and relatives!!…+ my favourite steamboat and yu sheng!)…


Hang around =) Will be back to share more!

Outsourcing Sites

Continuing from the previous post…

Here is a quick short post to share 2 of the sites that I have been using:



There are many more outsourcing sites in the market!

All you need to do is to google, “outsoucing sites” and there will be a galore for you to choose.

As with outsourcing sites that you can outsource your projects or your needs to, should you have a skill or service that you can offer, you can sign up with these sites and in return offer your services =)

As you can see above, with a screenshot I took on Fiverr, those are some fun stuff that you can offer.

Like what I did previously…

Article writing

Planning someone’s trip to Singapore

Sending a birthday card from Singapore

These may sound absurd to you, but people actually purchase these!

That’s about it for now, I certainly hoped that this entry has been useful to you. Till the next post, have an awesome day ahead! Life is for experiencing!

Doing What You Are Good At & Outsource Everything Else

Just a quick post that I would like to share…

It brings me back to 2006 when I just started my venture into the online marketing world…

I wanted to do EVERYTHING on my own, I thought by doing that I will save money, which actually I did but with the sacrifice of TIME.

And TIME is the commodity that cannot be purchased!

I was doing a mini spring cleaning on my laptop, and reminisce the times when I pain stakingly designed banners, which you can still see some on this blog or the previous one at http://www.ChiaJiaYu.com

They are not exactly pretty or appealing, but they did work in small ways in getting clicks on them, but the major disadvantage was I lost alot alot of time.

Take for example the header of this blog:

Honestly I do not have the expertise of coming up with such banner…

OUTSOURCE! It came to my rescue…

This literally changed the way I do things, now I focus on what I am good at and whenever feasible, will outsource the aspects that I am not good at or that is time consuming.

I hoped that you have learned something from this post, and perhaps in the next post I will share some avenues where I outsource my task to.

Till then, have an awesome day ahead!

Eat Pray Love

If you are wondering where are the gratitude series, it’s on the way! I have a challenge deciding which post to go “Live” first but it will be out in due time.

Nonetheless I would like to blog about my recent goings, like I say this is very much my personal life record that I will revisit and I am sharing it with you because I hope that it will give you some food for thoughts =)

The title “Eat, Pray, Love” just came out instantaneously, but I firmly believe the 3 words summed it up well and it is indeed a blessing to do just that.

Eat, I am grateful for the awesome food that I get to taste, oh wells if you are hanging out with me I am sure you will agree that I am very much a foodie =)

Pray, I have always say this to my closest buddies that I believe that all religions are here for the good of mankind so I really do respect each of them all. And my personal experience is that at all times, through good and bad times, having spiritual support and guidance is comforting and knowing that the universe is there, it is somewhere out there.

Love, I am really grateful for the superb and unconditional love from my family, buddies and love. I would not be where I am today without all of them. Thank you.

I would like to share with you a quote I recently read on Anthony Robbin’s website:

I have always been an advocate for the topic on “Gratitude“, and I totally agree with what Anthony Robbin mentioned with regards to this, and it further reinforces or should I say amplify my understanding of the Law of Attraction that when you are being grateful for the things and people you already have in your life, the universe will only be sending you more of it because it knows that you can handle it.

Your Priorities In Life Analyzer

Finally before I end this post, I would like to share with you an activity that I have gone through recently following a volunteers’ training at a local hospice and I thought that it is an insightful experience as much as it is for us to grapple the fact and understand what our patients are going through.

It has been an experience where I really took time and thought to relook and reflect upon.

I would sincerely encourage you to partake in this quick activity if you can =) And I hope that this serves you well.

Here’s How It’s Being Done….

Step 1: On 4 small sheets of paper write down on each paper, a material item that you swear by, it could be your car, your laptop, your mobile phone, your house so on and so fourth.

Step 2: On another 4 small sheets of paper write down on each paper an activity that you will do whatever it takes to upkeep, some examples are travelling, watching movies, golf, gaming etc.

Step 3: On yet another 4 small sheets of paper write down on each paper a person whom you love and adore.

Really Feel It

Now you will have 12 small sheets of paper with you, with material items, activities and individuals starring into your face. I would like you to take time to relive or simply recall the feelings and sensations that you get from each thing, activity or person. Feel that happiness, the joy and the love your receive when owning the material items, engaging in the activities and being with your loved ones.

Now, here is the kicker, but I would have to say that the following will be much more impactful when you have a facilitator conducting this activity with you but nonetheless it is a good reflection activity that you can do it on your own.

A) Imagine, for some unforeseen circumstances, you need to forgo 4 sheets of paper, which is reflective in our lives that some times we need to give up and sacrifice, which one willl you be letting go first?

B) Now imagine life just keeps throwing its curves at you and you need to forgo another 4 sheets of paper, which would you discard? Is it the materials that you may still own, your activities that you are super enthusiastic to be involved in or the individuals whom you loved with all your heart that you will forgo.

C) There is no right or wrong answers, but it is a reflection activity that may or may not give your new fresh perspectives if you have been muddled all this while.

So finally with 4 sheets in hand, you need to decide, at this point in time, when I was doing the activity myself, I could see participants having tears welled up in their eyes and some are already crying and I did felt a tinge of heaviness in my heart because as much as this is an activity, it is very much a reflection and how we have set our priorities in life.

Without second guessing, the facilitator says we have to decide to discard 3 out of the 4.

And the last straw was yet to be drawn, because at the end of the activity, she mentioned that in usual circumstances she would for the final show down, really walk around and start pulling the last piece of paper that the participants are holding on, but she did not because she felt that it was already too much for some of us.

So how are you feeling if you have been through this activity with me?

Honestly in my personal experience with this, I felt like someone has just given me a clean filter to look into my life, like how you are having a new pair of eyes with clean and clear crisp lens.

I am not exactly sure what are the last 4 sheets of paper in your hands, but for many of us it were those of people whom we love and adore.

But before I dwell on further on what is my thoughts on it, just to enlighten you on the purpose of this activity for the volunteers is such that we experience and put ourselves in the shoes of our patients living in the hospies that overtime in the course of their illnesses, they have to give up on things, experiences and people. Because at the end of the day for your last journey it is you and only you whom will truly understand the feelings and agony and turmoil.

Anyway my take home message from this activity was that it really made me realised that what I have been fighting for, the house, the car, the travels they are all really nice things and experiences to have but at the end of the day the “thing” that we fight hard and guard with our lives and not let it be removed are the people whom we have in our lives.

Like I say this is for me very much a reflection on the priorities that I have and ought to set in life and I am not saying that you should not strive for the beautiful things in life but just know your priorities. I would still love to have a beautiful home, a gorgeous car to drive in and travel around the world but all these will only be made complete with my family, buddies and life partner in toll to experience them all together.

Finally I hope that this post has served you well, till the next post, live well, be happy, be grateful, be kind. With love, JY Chia and here is wishing you a merry holiday season! =)

The Ultimate Success Formula By Adam Khoo

Part 1 of 4

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Part 4 of 4

How To Condense Information With Pareto Principle By Adam Khoo

Have You Achieved Your Goals?

This video slaps right into my face on GOALS! I hope to share this with you because the trainer shed light and in fact gave an analogy of a flight plan with regards to achieving our goals. Enjoy!

30 Days

A quick 3 minute plus video that I would like to share with you:

FREE REPORT: 11 Tips To “WOW” Presentation

I just completed this report to share with you tips on presentation. I am grateful for the opportunities to train and facilitate sessions on topics such as leadership, team building, self development and more.

I enjoy training and out of the many tips that I share with you in this FREE REPORT, the key that I focus on to all presentation is this, “How can I best deliver the training so that my participant will have the best outcome?

I sincerely hope that this report will serve you well =) Enjoy!

**Key Tip For Presentation**

How can I best deliver the training so that my participant will have the best outcome?

I am looking to create more of these short reports to share with you what I know so do stay tuned for more!



My First Few eReports

I was tidying up my desktop when I found one of the first few eReports that I created way back in 2006. You can check out the website and download the report for FREE =)