11 More Months To Go In 2013!…

Hi there =) Thank you for popping by this JY Chia “Blog Of Truths”

1 month has since passed and I am grateful for it =)

What are the highlights for you in January 2013?….

I wrote a quick reflection….and it was first featured on facebook

What are the highlights for you this January 2013?….I encourage you to reflect too…

JY Chia

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It Is The 31st January 2013! ONE Month Of The NEW YEAR Has Passed…

What Are The Highlights For You This Month?….

I Sat Down & Reflected & Am Grateful For This List…

(I figured that days will lead into weeks and weeks into months and before we know it a year will go by…let’s celebrate milestones along the way…)

1. Wisdom Tooth x 4 Extraction! => First EVER operation under general anaesthesia….hmmm the jitters were there nontheless and I am grateful for the awesome team at ktph dental surgery who eased the anxiety and facilitated a successful op…

and now I get to stare at my wisdom tooth x 4! =) PLUS I’m eating as per normal already! Winkz!!

2. Josh got neutered! => Looking after a post-op puppy is very different from human patients….

hmmm…actually on hindsight pretty much the same!!….

anyway he is a happy dog without the cone in his way!…

3. USS Outing With The Farm => Awesome company and conquering fear together! =) Absolutely love the barn! Ching Wan Law Sharvena Ubi Dorothy Woo

4. Weddings Fiesta! Congrates To Sui Hui Tay Shen Hui & Wing Mei once again!…Celebrating love! =) Cheers!

5. Meet Up With The Man….Hmmm…Feels like I am fighting for a cause =) Am grateful that action plans are penned out…

6. Offer for further education…Am grateful for the opportunity to bridge and further hone my skills and knowledge…

7. Attending Internet Empire Mastery => Grateful for the support from Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin plus awesome team mates!….

8. Celebrating Mum’s Birthday! With siblings!

9. Improving relationships…(“,)

10. Meeting the wise

11. Back to reading fervently and loving it! => Somehow reading inspires me alot…=)

Looking through this list…puts a smile on my face =) ….sure there are stressful times and down times…as long as we push forth and move forward…

somehow things gets better!….and I encourage you to do this list…for yourself…

CNY IS COMING!! (looking forward to the festivities ahead and more importantly catching up with buddies and relatives!!…+ my favourite steamboat and yu sheng!)…


Hang around =) Will be back to share more!

Rumblings For The New Year 2013! =)

Happy New Year Folks!


right now I am in the spring cleaning mode…

they say you declutter your space…you have a clearer mind…

I shall put that theory to test =)


For now, I just want to say that I am extremely grateful for 2012 =)

especially so for the travellings that I have had the opportunity to experience…


vietnam ho chi min- with siying, meiling and mum (who is wayyy cooler then her!) just kidding buddy!

malaysia JB, Golden Palm Tree Resort, Penang

– with family, mc tan, clare

thailand bkk

– with clare

australia gold coast

– with mama, big aunt and bro jc


highlights 2012 =)

– ONE YEAR mark in nursing (hmm…this is kinda huge for me)

– Dog owner (to Josh the shih tzu)

– and also checked off majority items on list from various aspects of life!


Gona head back to pack my stuffs…



Adam Khoo At U@live

I have just watched this, I am grateful that the team at NUS recorded this presentation.

I hope you learn something from this presentation of Adam Khoo’s.

Go For Gold

For those of you who know me and my choice of music,

most of the time I will listen to the lyrics and I adore songs that are meaningful.

And I found one, I do not usually watch the television so I did not know that it was actually one of the themed songs of the London Olympics.


“Go For Gold” By Kyle Patrick

Living In The Moment

I have love this song since…

Living In The Moment” by Jason Mraz…

Enjoy! I love the lyrics…

It Gets Better Words From Cesar Millan

I have no idea who was Cesat Millan…

until I got myself a puppy =)

And since then I have been a fan of his show the Dog Whisperer and today I chanced upon an important message that he has…

It gets better

I hope you enjoy his message as much as I did.

Know that wherever you are at now, it can and will get better, and just make a decision to start somewhere =)

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

I have watched this video and read the book. I thought of this video after watching the

sharing by Dr. Richard Teo. You can watch Dr. Richard Teo’s video here…

Dr Richard Teo: Thoughts of Life, Wealth, Success & Happiness >>

Being part of the healthcare team, I could relate to the agony of heavy patient

load such that it becomes such a routine that sometimes we forgot they are

patients with feelings.

I believe that we can never truly know or feel how our patients feel until we too

become a patient ourselves, of course we do not wish upon that on ourselves, we

should still touch based with our moral compass.

I have a soft spot for relatives who grieves, especially those of coroner’s case because

my dad was a coroner’s case.

And I am ever grateful for the team of nurses back then in 2006, who allowed me to do

the last office with them, even though it is extremely painful emotionally, a procedure that

is routine on your own loved one.

Coming back, I am grateful for this video, even though I do not know Dr. Richard Teo personally,

I am grateful for his sharings and in his last days step up to share and touch as many lives as he could.

To read more about Dr. Richard Teo’s life story: RichardTeo.com

Cherish your buddies, your partner, your family I say…

My Buddy Says Otherwise…

You Only Know How To Live When….

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow ward buddy, and we were talking about the books we read.

And he shared something that he had read before that to me is superb-ly insightful for a one liner…

And that is:

you only know how to live when you think about dying…

I paused in thoughts for awhile…what an irony…a paradox…

And then it clicked…it makes perfect sense…

We live day to day like there is no tomorrow, or perhaps we do not see that with each day that past, we are one step closer to 6 foot under.

And questions started to pop out of my head…

“Are you living the life that you want?…”

“Are you subjecting yourself to what people are saying?…”

“Are you too afraid to step out of your comfort zone?…”

“Do you fear living an honest, authentic life?…”

“Are you happy?…”

And the list goes on and on….it set me thinking

How do you want your life movie to look like?

And I hope it got you thinking and reflecting too, because one day, sooner or later we will be on our death beds…

you only know how to live when you think about dying…